Now when you love your favorite things...they love you right back.Now when you love your favorite things...they love you right back.Now when you love your favorite things...they love you right back.Now when you love your favorite things...they love you right back.

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You Already Love Recommending Your Favorite Things


How many times have you recommended your favorite hairstylist, boutique, retailer, restaurant, running shoe, or even paint color to your friends? 

How many times have you said, “Make sure you tell them I sent you.”? 

We absolutely WANT our favorite things to KNOW that they are one of our FAVORITE THINGS.

We also want them to recognize when we have recommended them to our friends. 

Now, you can do that with the touch of a button in your My Favorite Things Marketplace App!

Now Give Your Friends & Family Discounts On Your Favorites Things

Utilizing My Favorite Things Marketplace to recommend the things you know and love, to the people you know and love, allows your Favorite Things to KNOW AND LOVE YOU RIGHT BACK! 

 Any time you recommend something on your Favorite Things list to a friend, conveniently do so by sending them a link which will be generated in your My Favorite Things Marketplace App!  

When they use this link to purchase one of YOUR favorite things, THEY will be given the royal treatment they deserve.  Just for being one of your friends, they will receive a “Friends and Family Discount”.

And Earn Thank You Bucks To Spend On Your Favorite Things


When your friends shop your favorite things using their personalized friends and family discount, YOU will generate and bank “Thank You Bucks” from the participating retailer.

 Your Thank You Bucks can easily be applied toward your future visits to their website, store or facility.   

How COOL is that?

The best relationships are ones in which we can LOVE and BE LOVED

My Favorite Things Marketplace is where the most rewarding and lasting client relationships are built and recognized!



A genius can imagine what's ACTUALLY POSSIBLE.  Favorite Things Marketplace, is GENIUS.    


We incorporate the BRILLIANT FACETS of affiliate marketing, refer-a-friend programs and influencer marketing, while eliminating their INTRINSIC LIMITATIONS. 

A priceless currency is born.  RELATIONSHIP CURRENCY.

Build Your Favorite Things List & Invite Your Favorite Brands and Retailers To JOIN Our Marketplace

Easily download the My Favorite Things Marketplace App and generate your personalized Favorite Things List.  Simply search to see if your favorite brands, retailers and service professionals are already participating in our Marketplace.   

If they ARE, click to add them to your Favorite Things list. If they are not participating in the My Favorite Things Marketplace, it is likely because they have not been invited yet. 

You can help them by sending an invitation to JOIN OUR MARKETPLACE!  They will absolutely LOVE having a way to thank you and their most loyal clients while taking superior care of your friends that you send their way. 


Integrity - Trust - Loyalty - Community


It is critical that we maintain the INTEGRITY of our OWN brand here at My Favorite Things Marketplace

Our Marketplace thrives because it is user maintained; and more importantly, because it is based on a foundation of TRUST, LOYALTY & COMMUNITY

For that reason, we limit the number of brands/retailers that any user has on their favorites list, at any given time and in any given category, to a number that can truly reflect...FAVORITES. 

This ensures that recommendations are never diluted and always FROM THE HEART.

I once asked my son what his favorite color was, reminding him that it was IMPOSSIBLE for him to have more than one “favorite” ….so he picked rainbow.  Smart Kid. 

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It's time to LOVE and BE LOVED!

brilliance without limitations - relationship currency

Kinda Like Refer-A-Friend...Only Better


 As a business owner, do you know which marketing or sales tactic has the highest ROI? Research shows that there is a clear winner, referrals. However, traditional Refer-A-Friend Programs can be hard to manage and often require too many resources. 

But most importantly, until Marketplace, we have been missing a UNIVERSAL PLATFORM for consumers to track and redeem their rewards across all their favorite brands. This has resulted in undervalued and therefore underutilized programs. Far too many “Thank Yous'” have fallen through the cracks. 

Log into your Favorite Things Marketplace App to see how many “Thank You Bucks” you have accrued. 

With the touch of a button you can redeem your thank you bucks for your favorite products and services.

Marketplace helps to insulate both consumers and business owners from downturns in the economy; and WE LOVE THAT! 

Kinda Like Influencer Marketing...Only Better

If you are on Social Media, you have seen Influencer Marketing at work.  It’s is a form of marketing

 If you are on Social Media, you have seen Influencer Marketing at work. It’s is a form of marketing that focuses on targeting key industry leaders to drive brand message and awareness to a specific market of consumers. We understand how powerful that is. 

But the obvious limitations are glaring in it’s definition. Influencer marketing historically assumes that only “key industry leaders” or people with massive reach are worth engaging. 

Marketplace recognizes that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US has a sphere of influence that is incredibly valuable. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US has favorite things that we love recommending. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US would appreciate the opportunity to take advantage of a two-way incentive where we can offer our friends and family a DISCOUNT and we generate THANK YOU BUCKS. 


Kinda Like Affiliate Marketing...Only Better


  Affiliate Marketing is an advertising model in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services. 

Some consumers have become savvy enough to build CAREERS out of affiliate marketing. Therein lies the intrinsic LIMITATION. To play in the affiliate marketing world, the consumer must be SAVVY enough AND have the resources and the time to have built and manage actual websites (often blogs or other landing pages) where the affiliate can post a link to purchase a product or experience. 

Marketplace is built upon the platform of a simple to use APP so that there is never a need to have the know-how, money or time to build or manage a website of any kind. Business owners and consumers alike, can you feel the breeze from SO MANY DOORS OPENING AT ONCE?

innovative ways to use the marketplace

Do you have a friend whose style you covet?

Connect with them on My Favorite Things Marketplace to see the list of THEIR FAVORITE THINGS!  Shop where they shop, and get a DISCOUNT!   Then they get to use their Thank You Bucks the next time they visit that location! 

Are you traveling to a new city?

Connect to My Favorite Things Marketplace to find the local retailers that landed on the most Favorite Things Lists! If 1,000 people have listed a local dive bar as one of their favorite restaurants, you can bet you’re about to have an insanely good meal. 

Do you want make sure the gifts you give are something the person will LOVE?

Browse their My Favorite Things Marketplace List and NAIL IT every time.  Generating a My Favorite Things List of your own is also a great way to make sure the next gift YOU receive doesn't end up in the REGIFT pile.  We know you have one....but we won't tell a soul.  

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